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I like many on this forum I am looking for a malware recommendation. I am not looking for a suite, but two specialized programs. I have yet to find an anti-virus suite capable of handling both types of malware efficiently.

My main concern is my system's resources. I would like both programs to be as resource conscious as possible, while remaining a high detection rate and daily auto updates. The option for manual updating would be nice but not necessary.

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  1. Download & Install the following 3 freewares & Keep them always updated. It forms a free complete security suite for your system!
    1. Avira Anvivir - .
    Avira is best & light solution for excellent overall system protection & internet security with real time updates, .

    2. Malwarebytes - .
    Malwarebytes is one of the best & effective antimalware tool out there.

    3. Ccleaner - .
    CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool with an efficient & most useful registry cleaner.

    The Best Security & System Optimization combo for all types of systems.

    If You don't want Avira Means, Install Microsoft Security Essentials.
    Both Avira & MSE are good & use negligible system resources only!

    I prefer Avira!
  2. Get BitDefender Total Security.
    It doesn't slow down your computer and detects many viruses.
    So far my computer has been safe with BitDefender.

    I also recommend getting Ccleaner as mentioned above.
  3. comodo internet security..
    it's free and user friendly, has all the tools to secure your system.
    check it out.
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