Blue screen, Laptop.

Alright, so this isn't the normal blue screen of death where it shows all that information and codes and such. This is a lot different. I'll start from the beginning. To me at least..

I was on the computer checking my email and whatnot and my lap top randomly re-booted itself, and right before the sign on screen it went to some random blue screen, with very little writing on it and made a crunching noise and re-booted. It keeps doing it until I finally give up and turn it off. Now, I tried reading the blue screen but it goes off so quickly I really can't see much. I've watched a billion times, and I've only gotten a few words here and there. Like, for example, Corrupt. Dump. Physical memory. So my assumption is that it completely wiped out my hard drive. Which is cool, but now I can't use my computer?! I ran diagnostics a couple times, and my computer passes all the tests. So I really don't know what's going on with it for sure. This is a pretty old lap top, it's running Windows XP professional. But it was my uncles, at his business. So it's about 4 or 5 years old. And, I have no Cd's or anything for it. All I have is the lap top, and it's charger. So if there is anything you can do I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

P.s. It's a Dell Latitude D600, if that helps any..

I'd appreciate it if you'd email me, or if not I guess reply on here.

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  1. That crunching sound is probably the hard drive. Not sure why diags isn't catching it.
    I would try another drive and see if it will work. If not you can always take it back.
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