Delete The History And Temp Internet Files FOLDERS, how can it be done

Hi there,

im trying to customize Windows XP Pro to my liking very strictly and for some reason i just cannot delete the History and Temporary Internet Files folder, i 100% do not want them there but if i try delete them it comes up with :

History is a Windows system folder and is required for Windows to run properly. It cannot be deleted.

iv'e tried booting into Linux and deleting it off their but when i booted back into windows it replaced them again, i also logged in as the SYSTEM user and deleted them but to no avail. I seriously do not want them folders their, and to my knowledge they ARE NOT required for windows to run properly.

any help would be VERY appreciated

PS - Im a advanced user so i know how to work stuff around windows E.G - Registry editing, permissions and what not

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  1. The IE folders will always be recreated everytime you delete them.

    If you want nothing to be stored in them you can set IE so that history is set to zero days and temporary internet files folder is allowed zero megabyte storage space.

    But you will also need to work out how to stop IE saving your browsing history to the index.dat file too.
  2. Well its bin a wile since i posted this and now i found a way, as i said i am customising it strictly to my liking, to ME those folders can be seen as a security breach(other people have their views, i aint arguing it), so i have found a way to delete them permanently, this was a bit long but in the long run it will be much better for me and i feel more comfortable, basically i went through the registry and deleted the History's CLSID key first, then i went thru all other keys that was named History and changed the directory of them to "C:\System Volume Information"(deleting them makes it re-appear),and changed some of the other values within them such as "PerUserItem"(i think its that, to 0) and ofcourse the space amount to 0, then i did the same for Cookies and Temporary Internet Files(deleted all 3 CLSID's for Temp Intnernet Files) and Favorites, beleive me it did not take long, then i removed the folder "C:\Windows\System32\Config\systemprofile", removing that folder im pretty sure makes windows not check the Cookies,History etc folders when you login, also i deleted all "Internet Explorer" registry key intries, except foe ONE which had ActiveXCompatibility and Vector Info in it, if you remove them a HOLE bunch of stuff wont work, such as Device Manager, and last buy not least there are 2 entries which tell windows what files to backup i think, it points to the INDEX.DAT files, i deleted them. As i said its easier then it sounds, i only did because i customize XP strictly to my liking and make sure there is no chance of a "Intrusion" via the network and make sure no viruses come along.

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