Help! Why wont my Router Talk to my Switch??



I've just pulled CAT6 to all the devices in my home (wireless was proving unreliable for some devices).

Now I've got a new DLink Wirless Gigabit Router and Dlink 8 port Gigabit Switch. The Router is connected to my Time Warner Cable Modem. All wirless devices are talking to the router and connecting to the internet without difficulty.

I'm trying to connect the Router to my Switch and then several devices to my Switch to form a gigabit network as well as share my internet service to wired devices via the switch.. I'm stumped. The switch doesn't seem to connect properly to the Router... Once plugged into the switch my computer attempts to secure an IP and returns a failure after about 2-3 minutes of trying.

What am I doing wrong? I'm using straight patch cords between the Swith and Router. Likewise my computers connect to the Switch via patch cords (cat6).


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  1. Did you make the cables or did you buy them?
    Do you have a cable tester to confirm the cable works? Snags and bends would be a problem as well as the RJ45 ends not wired correctly.

    Cat6 will run around 700ft before attenuation really kicks in - I can't imagine you ran any cabling further than that?

    You have to confirm that cable works. Either computer to computer on each end, set static IP and ping each other on the same workgroup, check the cable with a cable tester.. I'd recommend a cheapie for about $25 - a good one will run about $100 and a great one will run over $500 to $1000.
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