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Hello,i want to free my computer from svchost.exe
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  1. You are not going to be able to. svchost.exe is a standard OS programs that can run multiple instances of itself when it needs to. It is not a virus.

    Why do you think it is a virus?
  2. It does sometimes ACT like one... :/

    svchost is very annoying in the corporate environment since it is used for updates to company PC's. You can expect your system to grind to a halt on Monday mornings while the update runs.
  3. Go to google, download the 2 applications.

    Avira antivir, Free antivirus / antispyware software, runs great.

    Malwarebytes anti malware... best free spyware cleaner I know of.

    Scan your computer with one, then with the other.

    You shoud be set...

    +1, svchost.exe is not a virus...
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