Videos won't show!

Hey my computer won't show videos, I've try updating and reinstalling, java and flash player. It made no differnce. You tube and i>player still work, but videos on fourms and on web pages don't.
They jsut come up as a white box with a piture at the top left hand side. :(

Please advise.
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  1. Come on gents, give us a hand eh?
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Check the pop up tool, maybe u need install some ActiveX control that is blocked by that tool.
  3. Thanks, forgive my ignorance but what is a pop up tool? And where might I find it?
  4. Don't worry we are here to help u.

    On IE go to tools and look for the option "pop up"
  5. Not that, it says it's turnned off.
    Anyother ideas?
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