Suggestions for new MB and Processor

Hello all:

I am looking to upgrade MB and Chip on my 2 year old system. Any help would be great.

Present system:
Asus P5GD2 Deluxe
Prescott 3 GHz
2 gig 533 DDR2
ASUS 7900 GS
Seagate 500 gig

What I want:
Stable, tried and true MB
Mid-price range
Flexable with ram and cpu
Good cooling

What I don´t need:

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  1. tried and true is the gigabyte 965p ds3, however if you're looking for something to run ddr3 and the next generation of processors might as well look into the p35 chipset ie the gigabyte p35 ds3r or p35c ds3 I think those boards satisfy all of your requirements, as for the processor i would go with a c2d chip like the e6420 or if you can wait till the end of july to upgrade you can get a better chip than that for the same price (around $180 usd)
  2. Thanks, great info
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