Speakers and headphones software question.

Is there a way to specify a specific program to run with the headphones while using the main speaker for everything else..
Thanks in advance..

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  1. I sure could use some help here!
  2. HI!!
  3. Anyone?
  4. do you have more than one speaker out? front panel doesnt count!
  5. Yes..
  6. what colour are these conections?
  7. I'm sorry.. I checked and the headphones are a part of the speaker system (A logitech one.. Don't know the model)..
    So.. The Q is to make the win assign specific program for the headphones while making the rest making it through the main speakers.. (excluding the program previously assigned to the headphones).. I heard that it's possible with Win7 but I'm waiting for the final release before getting it (I'm now using Win Vista Ultimate SP2)

    Thanks in advance..
  8. if you are plugging your head phones into the speaker system then no its impossible to do what you are asking!
  9. Thanks!
    So another Q.. Is it possible to force the system not to mute when using the headphone? So it's using the whole speaker system for everything!
  10. NO!!! unless you can program the hardware to do this!
  11. Great! Thanks for your input..

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