No display after BIOS Flashing, didn't shut down system during process

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 940 Deneb @ 3.5ghz
Mobo: Biostar ta790gx 128m
PSU: OCZ ModXStream PSU 700W
Video Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD4770
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb
RAM: OCZ Gold 2x2gb
Case: Antec 900

First time BIOS flashing using the T-Series automated BIOS update utility, downloaded the BIOS from the Biostar website.
Instantly, the screen went black, jet black. I thought it was part of the process, so I just ignored it, but I'm beginning to suspect that something went awry. It's been black, with the PC running for about 15hours now.

*Everything seems to be working, except for the display!
*CPU fan, video card fan, and all case fans are in working order. Nothing strange.
*USB devices no longer recognized.
*Displays "No Input Signal detected" on my analog LCD monitor.

-PC might be inoperable, due to a bad BIOS on the Biostar website, strange, but possible.
-Can't turn off the system, because it might "brick" the motherboard, rendering it useless.

-Could the problem simply be, that by updating the BIOS, it reverted back to stock settings, thus causing a confliction with my video card?
*The integrated chipset is HD3300.
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  1. Flashing the BIOS from Windows is risky, but Biostar provide no warning in their manuals. Using BIO-Flasher might be less convenient, but it's much safer. Eventually you'll have to turn it off and see if it's bricked.

    Did you backup the BIOS? While flashing it, did the system beep to indicate that Flash Programming is successful (assumi9ng that your motherboard does that)? Fortunately it might have a socketed BIOS chip which makes the replacement relatively easy.
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