New WHS server, painfully slow gigabit transfer

I just built a new Windows Home Server server.

Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
512mb RAM
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Primary OS drive is 250GB IDE
Has a SATA RAID 5 setup up via motherboard with 4x500gb wd drives

I let 7gb xfer overnight from my FreeNAS server and in the morning maybe 1-2gb's had xfered.
I started doing some other tests and noticed I was getting <1% network utilization. :( I xfer from/to other computers on the network and it is way faster.
Since the board has dual gig nics, I tried with and w/o teaming, which is an option. I even tried using a pci-e d-link card to see if it was the onboard nics. same issue.
I don't kow what to do. I am really getting pissed off. :fou:

What else can I check/monitor etc. to try and figure this out? I can give stats if you let me know what to post.

I hope someone can help. :cry:

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  1. Oh ya, wanted to mention, the xfer starts off balzing fast, then all of a sudden, stops and goes down and evetualy drops to about 1MB/s
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