Nv4_disp.dll error(blue screen)

hi all

i am not sure that here is right place to share that problem.

i ve bought a new fm09 and i was trying to install it. but when i was installing it, a blue screen occured. it was about nv4_disp.dll... and i was forced to restart computer. and i could not installed it. damn !

now, i have been searching for hours a solution for it problem. i hope i can find required answer in that forum.

thank you very much indeed for your coming helps.

ps: i am not native speaker and when you answer me, i beg your basic english please :)
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  1. ok this is not a big deal, boot to safe mode(boot F8), go to the control panel, system, hardware,display adapters, drivers, remove the drivers for the video card, delete the dir that they were in usually C: Nvidea reboot the computer it should run in normal mode, reinstall the drives and reboot after the install, then go to the Nvidea's site and download the latest drivers 186.18 now I think, put them in a directory that you will be able to keep, install those drivers, reboot reset the screen size if necessary, good luck and have fun
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