Need FULL XP SP1 Files

My computer crashed last week and I have the original XP cd when it was first came on the market. This cd does not SP1 or any other service pack.

SP1 is required before I can install SP3 (i already had SP3 on a disk). My problem is that I need to be able to download the complete service pack onto one computer and then burn to a cd and then use it on my new hard drive with the original XP os. Keep in mind that the computer that needs the SP1 is unable to connect to the internet which is why I need to download it and run it offline.

The only file I have found is a mere 1.93mb and it requires an internet connection to complete the install. That just simply won't work.

Does anyone know how to obtain a complete SP1 for download so it can be installed offline?

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  1. Thank you VERY MUCH!
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