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I have a home wireless lan with 2 pcs having Linksys 802.11g cards on the top floor and the basement pc connected to the wireless Linksys G router with a standard nic. All goes well with the basement pc and one of the two top floor pcs as far as the internet goes. However, some some unknown reason, the second top floor pc regularly "looses" it's connection to the router, hense i disconect to the net.

I tried uninstall/reinstall and even tried all PCI slots. Nothing changes. I just loos the connection on that pc and never on the other two. That one has XP Pro, the other two are XP Family and Win 98.

Drivers: Not digitally signed
WEP: not enabled

1552 packets sent...1352 packets received

signal is always very good to excellent

Any advice to trouble shoot please?



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  1. Do you have a 900MHz phone or microwave anywhere near the 2nd computer? No WEP, yikes!
  2. Nope, no phone or microwave close by.

    Now i have even reformatted since i`m desperate...lol. After reinstalling everything, i get the same intermittant problem of `network unavailable`.

    I beleive i`ll take your hint and try to move that pc to another top floor room, just to see if something is indeed interfering with the signal.

    I just bought a new wireless nic to try it out on the troubling pc, but now i see it`s a B class instead of a G. :(
    Guess i should take it back and find a G. Why do they sell the B series at the same price if they are slower?

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  3. I was under the impression that the 802.11g standard worked only at 2.4GHz. If this is the case, would a 900MHz phone interfere?
  4. Update

    i,ve migrated the troublesome pc down to the basement, about 20' from the rooter with no obsticles. after a few hours tests it seems the connection is stable.

    At least i've narrowed down the problem to something other than hardware or software related and it then seems more "environmental".

    I'm looking at my rooter right now and have realised that just about 1 1/2 ' above it there is this huge metal I-beam that crosses the ceiling. could this interfere if the strait line connection to the top floor nic antenna passes exactly on this metal beam?

    any idea ppl?


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  5. I'm moving the rooter a good foot offline from the beam. we'll see what happens.

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  6. update

    Moving the router has made the connection about 98% better. Still is a lost in connection once or twice a day though. Umm Let`s move it again!

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