Best option 8800GTS 320mb?

I want to inject a bit of life back into my machine so I could hopefully max out games like BF2142 and COD2 and hopefully delay a system upgrade a little longer.

The current important system info is
AMD 3800 (939)
2Gb DDR 400
2x 6600GT (128mb) :oops:
Monitor 19" TFT Max res 1280x1024
Windows XP Home

From the reading I have done I think the 8800GTS 320Mb is probably the card that will get the most out of my system with out being too bottlenecked. Am I correct?

I want to put in the best card that I can with out paying for performance my machine can not use. The next upgrade after this will probably be a new machine but I want to delay that for now.


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  1. mpilchfamily, this is sorta ot, but do you know the difering power requirements between the 1900xt512mb and the GTS?
  2. Thanks for the replys guys.

    I need to check the Amps but its a 600watt PSU that came with the system but it is currently supporting 2x6600GT's.

  3. 8800GTS is a great upgrade for sure. A huge upgrade as well, well worth it.

    600W means little, but it should be fine. How many Amps on the 12V rails? Or, what's the brand of the PSU?
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