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5.1 sound not working for Analogue Devices card + soundmax

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June 6, 2007 10:50:46 AM


I am running win xp x64
Asus crosshair motherboard which came with the AD audio card + Soundmax drivers and control panel. I have the latest 5.2 drivers from asus site.

When I use windows media player 11 I only get stereo sound from front speakrs + subwoofer. Centre + 2 rears do not work at all.

In the sound max control panel when I test the speakers using the wizard, all of them work okay. here is the really annoying bit when I use nero showtime player, all five work.

Speakers are setup as 5.1 everywhere in the system that I can see. I have a mmdriver.inf in sys 32 and I copied it into syswow64 as well however everytime I have tried to install it for sound video and games device it will not let me install saying it is not compatible with win64.

If anyone has come across a similar issue and managed to resolve it then please let me know.

thanks in advance.

June 6, 2007 12:34:22 PM

If I am understanding right you are using integrated sound on the motherboard.
Are you plugging in the front panel audio connector? It may have multiple plugs for HD Audio, AC'97, etc. You need to choose the right plug in order to receive sound from the back panel.
If you are not using integrated sound, do not use the front panel connector and jumper it twice like when it came from the factory.
June 6, 2007 1:55:03 PM

that suxxroz... anyway, yeah, sounds like it might be a software problem with windows (is the media your playing using all the channels?) try dvd or somthing through different softwares... see what happens... and if it's possible.. (blame it on microsoft) haha.
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June 9, 2007 1:59:33 AM

you lost me after the word integrated ;) . No, the sound card did come with the motherbaord but it is a speperate card that needs to be plugged in as far as I know.

p.s It has to be a software driver issue since in nero showtime all my speakers work for same files that will not work with Windows media player or even VLC. When playing games I also get 5.1 sound.. just media player and it annoys the hell out of me!!

Still waiting fo some bright spark to have resolved it ;) 
June 9, 2007 9:11:30 AM

Based on your last post, I'd definitly say that it's just windows media player. Try getting winamp or another media application... find one you like and forget about windows media player all togeather... it's no good compared to a lot of other free ones out there anyway
November 29, 2008 7:41:57 PM

i get same problem this sucks most of web sites like your tube and allot of free ones that i watch family guy and other movies for freee. lol i love those sites but i dont hear my 2 rears and center working eaither, but when i goto controll panel and test them they all work? im gona try d/l that nero program and see if i can use that to waitch them same movies i guess, but it dont work on divx. i got windows vista, intagrated sound card. which is working properly. i allso tryed making it just mono in order to get all the speakers to work and it didnt work eaither. this sucks:( 
December 29, 2008 2:26:03 PM

hey i need the same help,, my integrated sound card is realtek 5.1, which usually come with all the motherboards now adays..

the problem is when i check from realtek audio manager sound is perfectly coming out from front, rear, centre and from the subwoofer..

but when playing games and playing music on windows media sound is only coming from the front speakers...
plz guys tell me what to do..