NEWBIE! Major help with Verizon Westell 6100 and DI-624S?

Hello gang! Well, I can see just how well the connection is already since i just typed all this and lost it when i went to the next page and it said invalid. Anyway, I have searched on this forum many times, but have finally registered to acquire more info on this problem. It seems no one has quite found the perfect fixes for this problem. First, I'm a Chevrolet tech that doesn't know these types of computers well, and in this case will need a step-by-step. If anyone can help me; please let me know. If it's easier to go thru my e-mail back and forth let me know.
I've been trying to setup 2 laptops: my Dell Inspiron E1505 and the gf's 1150. She has the Verizon Westell 6100 modem and the D-Link DI-624S.
I have gone into the modem setup and tried it on bridge, but no luck. I'd like to use these 2 laptops at the same time wirelessly as intended, but it's just killin' me here!
It may be a lot to ask, but i'm gonna need patient help here and a good step-by-step on mating the router and modem and setting the laptops properly because i'm sure i'm missinfg something.
Thnaks gang!
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  1. You need to release the modem's IP address before bridging it. For more info go to

  2. Grumpy, thanks. I tried the MAC addy way lastnight and the way you just had me do it. My problem now is that it just seems slow or i have to click "go" or "refresh" again.
    Also, how do i get the wireless working now? BTW-i haven't tried both laptops hooked up at one time yet.
    Oh, almost forgot! In the 2nd to last paragraph; it says to reboot both devices. Which devices would those be?-router/modem, router/pc, etc?
  3. Power off the modem and router. Power up the modem first and then the router.

  4. Ok, did that. When i unwire my laptop, which is the one i used to set up the network; the signal is excellent at 54mbps but going to the next page tests my patience after a 5min wait.
    Problem now?
    Thanks for all the help so far!
  5. 4get it-iv got nothing wirelessly now. well, it says good signal but low or no connectivity. Im sitting right next to it! Do i have to do something on the laptop? When i first turned modem and router off/on, the network showed up and i was like "WOW!", now i refresh the list and nothing.
  6. Try resetting your router back to the factory defaults. Then connect a laptop using a wired connection to setup the router. If that doesn't work, hire someone who knows what they're doing. You're a Chevrolet tech because not everyone knows how to fix their Chevrolets.

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