Cpu Upgrade?

Hi All, im new to the forum and fairly new to the whole modding/over clocking scene... i try to keep up to date with technology but sometimes my poor brain gets easily confused...

I currently have this Spec:
Win XP Pro SP2
Power Colour (not suer on make) 550Watt PSU
Asus A8N SLI S939 Nvidia nForce 4 SLI
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ Socket 939 San Diego (1mb L2 Cache)
2x OCZ 512MB DDR 400MHz/PC-3200 CL2.5 Non-ECC 2.6V
1x Seagate ST380817AS Barracuda 80GB 7200RPM SATA/150 8MB Cache
Creative Labs Live! Sound Card

I've currently been having alot of SLI problems with lack of FPS when enabled and have been told a few things...

CPU is the Bottleneck.. upgrade it
PSU is the problem not supplying enough pwoer to the 2x Xpics cards
Motherboard old and outdated... upgrade..

And ive basically havent had a staright answer... BUT i do want to upgrade my CPU to the best/top line my motherboard can hold...

ANy Suggestions?

Thanx All...
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  1. Sale the 6800's and buy just one 7900 or 8800.

    One of either will give you better than both of what you have now.
    A 7900 is also very easy on the power it takes to run it.

    For a nice upgrade get an Optron 146 ($79 USD Boxed) and some DDR-500 ram.
    That will give you 2.5Ghz without OC the RAM and alot of memory speed boost at the same time all on stock voltages.
  2. WHat about a CPU upgrade though?

    I am looking into selling the 2x GS's and getting 1x .....
    Whats the best gaming Xpics card out now which doesnt cost the same price as a New BMW Z3 Coupe with all mod con's?
  3. I posted the upgrade when I edited my post (you replied while I was editing).
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