Corrupt files that cannot be deleted and mysterious file extensions


I noticed that everytime i open up a word document, another one - replica appears on the desktop.Its quite translucent.
Also,i noticed that over time some of my documents have become like that and i cant use them - a file which was named e.i Farming will have been renamed to ~$arming and it will appear translucent and when opened it asks to be converted and once converted the content is something like tonnes of little boxes and numbers.Why does this happen and how do i stop it?Is it a virus?

Also,after reading quite a few answers on many threads i learnt that running Chkdsk and defrag on my drive[external] will fix corrupt files.It did work for like 2 minutes, while deleting files the same error occurred again.Not only that but i realised that some of my files where now inaccessible.WHAT IS THIS THING?..and how do i stop it from continuing?
-- external drive
Moreover, i cut and paste some of these files to my desktop from my external to get rid of them - i seemed to be able to move them to my recycle bin from my desktop,but once in the bin,i still couldnt delete them.I get an error message saying something about : cannot remove <file name>.Directory is not empty.
What is that about??

Is there any good anti virus that can fix this?

Also,is there any antivirus which gets rid of the trojan horse?
I have tried Kaspersky,Norton,AVG,Trend Micro and Avast but to no avail.

Please help.
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    These 'translucent' files are just temporary files created when you access the original. It is normal, there is nothing to worry about. You cannot delete the temp if you are in the original. Once you exit the original, the temp will disappear.
  2. From Windows Explorer, do not show Hidden Folders and Files.

  3. Ooh..thank you so much
    LOL.. i do remember having decided to "show hidden files" ..pheww.. thanx a lot :)
  4. But i still have the problem with the corrupt files.
    One of my folders just got corrupted - just like that, i dont remember having done anything wrong.
    Unless short circuiting external drives causes this.
    I tried chdsk and defrag on my external but it didnt solve it.
    Can anyone help me perhaps?

    Also.. is there a virus that causes files to suddenly become unreadable?
  5. get your file name and find out which files run in start manager and when you do go to start manage (by pressing ctrl alt delete) right click end task that sucker and try to delete your file again. if that doesnt work start the computer in safe mode usually by pressing f8 at boot up and delete it there it should work
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