Need new desktop-Which operating system?

I need a new desktop asap. I am now faced with two options: Vista with downgrade to XP OR Vista with upgrade to Windows 7. Computer will be used for basic home use. Any information/advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Vista with free upgrade to win 7. Try that both OS are x64
  2. Vista with upgrade to Windows 7
    most deff the way to go
  3. My vote goes for Vista x64 with upgrade to Win 7 x64 as well.
  4. why pay the extra for the free upgrade?
    Wait for windows 7 to come out and get it for less
  5. Here, in tom's hardware are list the possible price to win 7. So if you can pay $100 for a vista with upgrade to win 7, and the more cheap of the win 7 is on $75, isn't a good deal buy 2 OS for $100?
  6. or if your a college student u can get Windows 7 for 30 bucks
  7. ^another economic option.
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