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i am quite new please help i have been looking for a wireless network adapter far a long time for my new computer it is vista 32bit home basic amd build and i bought a belkin f5d9050 it wouldnt work and i tried everything and it would not work so i got a refund now i cannot find a good one can u give me some advice i am looking for 108 mbps as i am hoping to play games btw i have a orange livebox any suggestions would be appreiciated :)
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  1. If you want to go that fast, you may not be able to on wireless, because of all sorts of different variables in the environment and such. But your best bet would be look at something using the N standard, you may get that high of a speed if all your other equipment supports it. I think it's actually spec'd at a little over 300 mbps, considering what range you are in and your environment, etc. But if you would be looking to do online gaming at that speed, forget it.
  2. Don't forget, it's not just the adapter that you need... also have to get a wireless router to connect to (and internet connection to connect to the router). Both need to be able to speak the same language. If you go N it will be a,b,g as well... but N will be better for speed.

    If and when you do that... make sure to spend time setting up the router. Too many people just plug and play. Leaves the network open so anyone else in the area can piggy back it. It's nice for others sometimes to be able to connect... but many people use that opportunity to download massive files, do illegal things, or try and hack your machine. Wireless is basically only using radio waves... so need to have all the protection features up and running.

    Need to read the owners manual and do a lot of experimentation to get it working just right.
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