Windowns 7 firewall

I have a gaming computer but I am not using any internet or other network connection on it. i play games through DVD installs only.
I want to turn off window firewall to play games without any problem.

will it be safe to do it. I am also having quick heal antivirus on system.

should i turn off both for smooth play.
Please suggest.

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  1. Why do you think turning off Windows Firewall will improve you gameplay?

    Please list you system specifications for reference.
  2. I'll agree...what in the firewall makes you think it's preventing things in your gameplay?

    Also, you do know that you can allow programs through the firewall, right? You don't have to turn it all the way off...just open for specific things.
  3. If you really want to open resources and turn off applications in the background. A good guide to follow is
    There are some good guides and info concerning opening up resources on your pc.
  4. thanks guys for answering. I will keep firewall on
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