USB Ports suddenly dead

Hello all,

Long time reader first time poster (normally able to find a solution)

Long winded intro/backstory but felt it was necessary to give you every last bit of detail.

Apartment was hit by lightning last night whilst my pc was on hibernate. Whilst having a capable and relatively new surge protector I feared further lightning strikes and noticed the power must of flickered as the PC was back on the logon screen

I hit shutdown and after waiting for about 20 seconds of it apparently locking up I held down the power button for 6 seconds to force it to shutdown then unplugged the pc from the wall.

Everything seemed fine when I turned the pc back on the next day. Internet connection was up via my wireless nextwork (USB). So after some forum reading I went on to ventrillo, then noticed my headset wasn't working (USB connected). So I typed "no sound brb" in my comment left ventrillo and unplugged and replugged in my headset....nothing. Then noticed my saitek cyborg joystick wasn't lit up (USB). Then checked my TrackIR and it said no device detected. So decided to reboot the PC.

Upon returning to windows my internet connection wasn't working (USB connected) and my headset. trackIR and joystick were all still not working (all USB). Really strange thing is there is some power running through the USB ports my wireless internet connection linksys wireless adapter shows it has power but can't do anything i.e it fails to find any wireless internet connections and doesn't register as being connected in device manager.

So trolled the internet on the wifes laptop and saw to do the following; In no particular order

1)check power saving isn't turned on in the properties of the USB roots in device manager - It wasn't

2) Uninstalled/reinstalled all USB device software TrackIR, Wireless network connection etc - no effect.

3) uninstall the USB devices/roots from device manager and reboot upon which they reinstall themselves -done that and they did reinstall upon reboot but still don't work.

4) check the BIOS on startup to check that USB's are enabled - done and they are.

5) check to see if it's just the front USB's and not all of them- checked it's all of them.

6) check the internal wiring to see if anythings dislodged - it's all fine.

7) Reset the bios/cmos - done

8) install the usb.inf file in windows/inf - done and no effect.

9) did the show hidden devices command through run and also clicked show hidden devices in device manager to look for conflicts - showed nothing out of the ordinary.

After all that I went onto a partial reinstall/repair of windows XP and that's done nothing. At a total loss as to what's happened. Leaves me fearing that the MOBO's partially damaged at least the USB part of it. Will have to see if there's room for a PCI USB port card with that massive Nvidia 9800 GTX card sitting in there already.

Anyone else got any suggestions, i'm absolultely stumped and can't connect to the internet on my main pc or even transfer files to it as I have no network connection and my USB 500mb stick thing obviously doesn't work and I don't have a LAN cable that would stretch the length of the don't think the wife would be too keen lol.

PC specs are (yeh it's an old system lol)
Windows XP (now sp2 since the reinstall, was sp3)
2.5gb ram
Intel mobo D925SXCV
2x Intel4 3.0ghz chips
Nvidia 9800GTX

Unsure if posted in the correct location but i'm kind of exhausted at this point. As I said i'm desperate for some ideas short of prayer.
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  1. I am assuming that you have front and rear USB's if they are all dead, you get to go to the store and get a new PCI USB card !!
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