whats the diff between Core Duo & Core 2 Duo?

This question is in regards to purchasing a laptop. The Core2Duo's are like 300-500 more and I have no Idea what the difference between the processors is. Is it that much of a performance diff between a 1.66Ghz core duo and a 1.73Ghz cor2duo? Please explain?
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  1. I have a 1.6Ghz Core Duo in my laptop and it's a good CPU. Windows Vista performs flawless along with the games that I play. It really is a great CPU for the money you will not be disappointed.
  2. Basically I can get a core duo 1.73Ghz w/ 160GB HD for $815


    I can get a Core 2 duo 1.60GHz and 120GB HD for $852

    will the 130Mhz make up for the performance difference?
  3. IIRC the difference is 64-bit capability and about 10% performance increase.
  4. The only real difference between a mobile Core Duo and mobile C2D is that Core Duo doesn't support 64bit extensions.

    That's it. So if 64bit isn't important to you, I'd go w/ the $815 option.

    And as far as a 30% performance difference that dude in the Yahoo article mentioned, I think it's B.S. AFAIK there's no major architectural differences between Core Duo and C2D with the exception of 64 bit processing. Read the CNet article... they have benchmarks showing there's a less than 11% performance gap on some apps and none at all on others.
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