Win freezes when loading user's settings...


could you please help me with this annoying problem?

I am using multiple user accounts in WinXP so I enter a password every time to log-in. when the pc is turned on, win boots to the log-in screen, I enter the password, press OK and then the whole process freezes on the screen saying: "Welcome, loading user's settings..."

once, I was waiting for 30 minutes and nothing happend. still that screen, I can move with mouse, but there is no clock sign next to the mouse cursor. HDD light on my PC case is not blinking, it seems to me like HDD thinks it has nothing to do...

I can solve this only with reseting PC (using the reset button). no ctrl+alt+delete or something...

after reboot, it works just always fine. password, OK, loading and I am in.

what can cause this? SW, HW ?? I have a very similar SW configuration on my laptop and have no problem with it.


my system:
WinXP SP2, all recent MS updates installed
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

C2D E8400 3ghz
2x Seagate 250gb HDD (one system, one data disk)
GF 8800GT
MB: GB P35-DS3R rev2.1
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  1. any help?
  2. try to logon on SAVEMODE , restart your pc , press F8 untill the menu showing, choose SAVEMODE , then hit Enter, and Enter again in windows xp
    now did u passing loging without freez ?
  3. the thing is, I can always logon without any problems after restarting the PC.
    also, sometimes the problem happens, sometimes does not. sometimes it happens even I wait lets say 3 minutes before I enter the password in the login screen.

    just i am downloading new nvidia drivers and realtek audio drivers as these two processes are loading during the start-up. also, I will install KIS 2010, maybe this will help.

    will let you know how it works
  4. since the KIS 2010, new Realtek HD audio drivers and new nvidia drivers I have no problem so far. Hope the problem has been solved...

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