Screen Freeze with Bootup from XP CD

Hey, basicly my old Hard drive for some reason or another died. I got a second hand one off a friend which I beleive and he beleives to be allright. = Baracuda 7200 .6 160gb HDD IDE... Obviously when starting it gets stuck on Error loading OS.. So I restarted went into boot menu and placed CDDrive as no1 boot. Placed my XP disk in... it went through the stages:
Press any key to boot..
Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration..
-----now on the blue screen of "Press f6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver.... that passes by what should appear next is sposed to be a screen saying "press enter to install windows xp or R to repair," but that doesn't load up instead I am stuck with....

Is this a Ram issue or ? This has been bugging me for two days now and I havn't got a clue anymore of how to fix this. Does anyone have any ideas :( ? thank you...

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  1. Hmm, still no luck with it..?
  2. Try downloading Ultimate Boot CD and running some diagnostics on the RAM and the hard drive. Does the system POST normally?
  3. Hmm, when it stars up it says error in Cmos.. reverting to defaults.. So i have to change the bootup menu everytime.. which is fairly annoying. Other than that the only issue is the crashing/freezing at the blue screen.. I'll try Ultimate Boot CD.
  4. Does the BIOS time also revert to default, doesn't keep time?

    Your CMOS battery might be cactus.
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