Trying to remove virus but can't disable SATA in BIOS

Hi All,

What i am trying to do:
Get rid of a virus on my HP nc6400 that will not allow me to install any new applications (incl. anti-virus) & opens up random new links when i click on any search results from Google.

What was my plan:
Format the hard drive by resinstalling Windows, completely getting rid of the virus hopefully.

I couldn't get Windows installed properly via the CD so i have tried to disable the SATA drive via BIOS. However there is a password on the BIOS (don't know what it is), that is not reset even after i have removed the RTC battery as per HP/other forum instructions.

My main question is how i can get rid of this virus or lose the BIOS password so i can reinstall Windows?
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  1. Removing the battery should've reset the CMOS password. How long did you pull the battery for? You can check your manual, some boards have a jumper to reset the CMOS. Either method should remove the password though.

    What kind of problems did you have when trying to install windows from the OS disc?

    Have you tried running a virus scan in safe mode? That is a good way to catch most viruses in the dormant state.
  2. If you are using a standard install XP disk and not a recovery set you will need to slipstream the notebook drivers, chipset, Intel SATA AHCI Controller etc to create a new install CD.

    Google nLite slipstream drivers xp, there areplenty of tutorials online to do this.
  3. Here is a page linking you to the drivers you need to install. I would concentrate primarily on the chipset and SATA... the others can be done after the Operating System install.
  4. And ethernet / wireless if you need immediate internet access
  5. First thing I'd find out is how that BIOS password got there in the first place. Is this a second hand computer? Did someone else with access to the computer put that password there? The reason I ask is because the virus may have infected your BIOS as well... although I haven't heard of a virus putting a password on your CMOS setup. Doesn't mean that it's not possible, however. Computers don't come with a password on the CMOS from the factory... so someone (or the virus) put it there. When you remove the CMOS battery, also unplug the AC power... the battery is only a backup when the computer isn't being powered by AC... so if you have it plugged in, nothing will be cleared.
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