Trying to install vista on new hard drive will not let me format or make partiti

I have a gateway ml6720 laptop.
I just installed a new hard drive and while installing vista, at the which drive do you want to install, i tried to format the new drive and make a partition and it wont let me. I went to gateway and downloaded some drivers but they wont install under the get drivers button. what do i do to get the vista installed?
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  1. Does the drive appear on the list of HDD's when installing Vista? Does it appear with Raw partition beside the drive?
  2. Yes it does, and it shows how big the drive is, but the format button will not highlight and the partition will let me change the setting but gives me an error-"windows could not create a partition on disk 0. the error occurred while preparing the computer's system volume. error code: 0x80010105"
    I even tried downloading drivers from gateway and when I try to install them from the get drivers button nothing happens, still gives me the error message
  3. Format and partition the disk with another tool, after this, run the installation program again.
  4. That is another question.
    How do I format and partition a new hard drive?
    I cant use the xp disc or the vista disk.
    what do I use to format the new drive with and how?
  5. Answers:

    1- In the same way that you format an partition an old HDD, first you create the partitions and after you format this.

    2- Yes you can use xp or vista CD, but with the problem that you have don't let you. The installation shows you an specific error? or just don't create the partition.

    3- If you don't have the problem, you can use the xp, vista or 7 installation CD/DVD, BUT in this case you need another tool for format and partition the new HDD. Download hiren's boot CD, and this contains the tools for do the job without problems.
  6. i tried Hiren's boot cd, tried several of the hard disk utilites and nothing will work. I'm stuck and I cant get this drive to format or partition. the hard drive does show up in bios and while setting up vista, I dont know what else to try
  7. Try using the repair console and use the format command to wipe the drive. If that completes successfully, then try the install process again.
  8. soo.....finally found a disk that somewhat scanned my hard drive and it showed my MBR is corrupt.
    Now what?
    How do I fix?
  9. Boot into the repair console and use the fixmbr command.
  10. In DOS, write chkdsk /fix mbr
  11. Have you made a new partition on this drive? it will be an icon with new on it
  12. I cant format
    I cant partition
    I cant fix MBR

    I think this "new" drive is garbage
  13. Burn it, if does not work...the problem is the HDD
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