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So I'm running vista 64 bit and would like to be able to install 32 bit and boot either or whenever I want to. So I DLed Acronis Disk DIrector Suite 10, tried to partition my hard drive but its not working. I've scanned the help file over and over and I don't see anything that helps. How can I go about doing this?
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  1. Get partition magic.

    But why install the 32bit version?
    You do know that the 64bit edition will run 32 bit apps?
  2. 64 bit doesn't have the drivers I need. I'm trying to run jungle flaher and I have to install portIO32 driver and its not compatable with 64 bit. Thats why I'm doing this.
  3. Windows installer can partition a disk too
    I've always liked the partitioner w/ Ubuntu
  4. You're right, you can use vista's computer management to partition the drive, I just found that out yesterday, what a wonderful thing, too bad I spent so much time searching for a good one to download. Ok now I am going to try to install 32bit vista on this partitioned section. I have no idea how so if someone would like to post with that, I would be very grateful. :D
  5. Wel the clean install on the partition was pretty straightforward. The problem I am having now is that when I booted 32bit I couldn't check for updates or connect to the internet. I clicked diagnose and it said the ethernet drivers were having some sort of problem. Is this normal with having both vistas on one pc? This was directly after the clean install onto my new partition which I labeled drive I:. I used vista to partition the drive. I've made my progress for the day so I'm not terribly upset, but trying to accomplish this flash has become a very difficult adversary.
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    thats not normal.
    does the disk that came w/ your mobo have any driver software on it?
    thats the first place that i'd look.
  7. nice, god I'm not usin my nugget today. ::sigh:: forgive me but I had a long day at work.
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