2900xt vs 8800gts 640mb ocied version... help Plz?

which one to get... im having a headache here...
im thinking of the 2900xt bt its driver is nt mature yet...
maybe i'll wait... bt im alreday affected by the reviews at xbit...
or maybe a 8800gts640mb? reviews show that it have better imagequality
and 2900xt's motion blur sox? can this issue be fixed by drivers?
btw im gaming on a 19inch wide 1440x900 resolution i also hav a 19inch 1280x1024... so comments plz...
thx :D
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  1. This thread discusses and links to one of the more recent reviews comparing the two cards and the most recent dx10 results.
    There are many other reviews and forum discussions that have gone over this topic already. I really don't think a new 2900 vs. 8800 thread at this point will add any new info.
  2. Well I personally think that the performance of the 2900XT is right in between the 8800GTS 640 and the 8800GTX 768, so if you have the money and the power supply for it then go with it. Though the 8800GTS 640mb is probably much better buy for your $. That is just my opinion...hope this helps!


  3. in my place both are at the same price... btw i have a acbel 450watt... nt goin to do sli or crossfire, im using a gigabyteds3 c2d6320 ocied to 3.2ghz at 1.40v, will my psu be sufficient?
  4. For the GTS your psu should be fine, but for the 2900 youd need a lil more on the 12volt rails
  5. I just found a very good review of the hd 2900xt from neoseeker. I must say i would go with it just to be different (there are soooooo many 8800gts cards around!) Its performance in games where the drivers are soughted is better than the 8800.


    But if your psu doesnt hav enough power then the 8800 is a good choise. (the hd 2900xt is isanely hungry for power) :D
  6. okay my psu is a acbel 450watt... www.acbel.com
    i hav all the rails needed i even have the 2x3pin n 2x4pin
    i repeat the 8800gts640mb n 2900xt is the same price over here...
    plz help me out really confuse whether my psu would be sufficient...
  7. since noboy replied... bump XD
  8. :!: You need a better power supply for either HD2900XT or 8800GTS 640MB.
    450W ACBel is not enough for today's high end cards!
  9. tell u what my psu is more thn enough for the 8800gts tried it, the psu is not even stress when i oc the gpu hehez
  10. If you like your PSU that much, don't ask others for advice about it. :evil:
  11. Quote:
    tell u what my psu is more than enough for the 8800gts tried it, the psu is not even stress when i oc the gpu hehez

    Then go ahead and use your Ultra-High-End PSU & enjoy the last moments of your system's life. :wink:
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