What is better for me ? XP or VISTA

Hi everyone ;D
i want ask u something guys ..
My computer :
pentium 4 HT 3.06 Ghz
2 gb RAM ddr1 400Mhz
ATI HD 3850 , 512 ddr3
which one's better for me to run games faster and better ..
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  1. well,
    If you have XP now, stick w/ it until Windows 7 comes out
    Vista has DirectX 10 support (as does your video card) but there are only a couple of games that really take advantage of it (FarCry 2 being one of the most noticable)
  2. I would stay with XP for the time being, I dont know what your system will be like with Windows 7 but i would really recommend not installing Vista on to it.
  3. For the hardware you listed: Stick with XP
  4. alright ! i will stay with xp then , thnx guys :D
    + next month i am going to buy an Q9400 , and a HD 4890 or 5850 ..
  5. well with the new processor then i cant see any issues with getting windows 7
  6. Windows 7 will certainty be an improvement over XP
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