Optimal anti malware/spyware/virus softwares & their necessity

Before I list the softwares in consideration, are computer protection suites even necessary when matched against freeware? If they are, which one of these 5 suites do you recommend and why: AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, MacAfee, and TrendMicro. I chose the first 4 because they were among the higher rated in Consumer Report; TrendMicro was included because I have had decent personal experience with it. Thanks for your consideration.
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  1. Any form of security software is essential to keeping your computer healthy. As far as what you list, here is my 2 cents:

    AVG - Decent results, but confusing
    BitDefender - Good support and good results
    Kaspersky - Great protection, but slow and expensive
    McAfee - The Retail suite is horrible; the Corporate AV is good and fast
    Trend Micro - Decent, but a bit slow

    My business computers run Microsoft Security Essentials and my client's computers run McAfee Corporate on their server and MSE on their workstations.

    You pay for quality.
  2. You can go with Microsoft security essentials (MSE) or AVIRA or AVAST antivirus also!
    All the three are free & effective than paid softwares.
    Uses less resources only when compared to others, and top of all , they are free.

    Norton is also doing good after its 2009 & later version releases
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