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July 22, 2010 5:22:43 AM

ok, normally i would be able to figure these things out but im stumped. I'm having trouble accessing certain sites i.e (, viewing flash/html5 videos on some sites, and downloading certain items off of the internet i.e. (flash, and Catalyst).

I thought this might be a virus, but i reinstalled windows 7, and it still isn't letting me do these things. (this is a computer that has been working for the past six months with all of this stuff), so i thought maybe it was my router/modem so i tried these tasks on my netbook, all of which performed well. i also checked to make sure that the network cable was plugged in well.

Could it still be some sort of problem with my router? i had DMZ Hosting enabled on the computer in question when my router temporarily bit the dust yesterday (problem started today) but all i did since then was play StarCraft online.

Please tell me it is not a hardware problem with my motherboard/Ethernet Port.

I have no firewall, no antivirus, nothing of the sort installed on this computer (used for gaming and whatnot personal stuff i have another computer for).

i just reinstalled all of the drivers (except Catalyst), and the problem persists. is there any way that the problem lies with the video driver? Chrome comes preinstalled with flash, and i've tried other browsers too but i can't get flash to install.

im trying to give you all of the information you might need let me know if you need anything else, or if i left something out.

I would really appreciate any help! thanks

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July 22, 2010 6:33:25 AM

ok i finally figured it out, however, im very confused by this, it was the fact i had DMZ Hosting enabled...

after i turned it off everything worked again?????? i wonder if anyone knows why, i think ill open another thread with that title for others to reference as well as myself.
May 4, 2012 6:44:04 AM

i had just adquired one of that cr650 , and 2 gigas of memory , it had a lot of problems , that wos solved inmediately when i load seven 64 bites , now it is a modest but reliable machin , and had´nt give me any trouble from that day , dont panik , the notebook is very good , seven starter not so very good