Nvidia Driver: "SLI Performance Mode: Single-GPU"?

My best 3Dmark06 score was 14,040 with "SLI Performance Mode: Split Frame Rendering" I believe. And I just tried "SLI Performance Mode: Single-GPU" and got 13,950. Both are pretty much in the normal range for my system specs I believe (*check my sig). I had Load Balancing indicators on for both tests, and during single-GPU testing the green bar would sometimes disapear and then sometimes reappear. So this raises the question, what does single-gpu mode do? I have the feeling it still uses SLI? Anyone know officially what it is for? I have a hard time believing the stories around the camp fire that it ignores SLI.
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  1. I'm pretty sure that 'single-gpu' uses a single card, then hands off the excess workload to the second card once a certain percentage of the gpu memory has been used. It essentially acts as a 'backup' rather that sharing the load in SFR or AFR.

    80 percent sure.

  2. AFR Alternate Frame Rendering is the best option to go for.
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