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Trying to get my new workstation installed at work. Whenever I open an app that doesn't open maximized, the window is not visible on the screen. If I right click on the icon in the taskbar and tell it to maximize then it appears full screen, but as soon as I click the second button in the upper righthand corner to make the window smaller than fullscreen it disappears again. It is like the window is opening somewhere other than the 1280x1024 screen that I have, and I cannot see it or move it. Not every app installed on the computer does this, but quite a few of them do. How can I reset the default window size and/or location so I can see the windows? Is this in the registry or somewhere else like maybe an ini file?
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  1. In case this has happened or might happen to anybody else- here is what I did to get my windows back:

    Apparently my windows were off the upper-lefthand of the screen. While a program was running with the window off the screen, I right click on the icon in the taskbar and select "move". Then I use the cursor keys randomly until I see the corner of the window appear in the corner of my screen. Then I can grab it with the mouse cursor and pull it completely onto the screen. If I close the app from this position, the window remembers this position for next time.
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