Any interesting ways to use VMWare / virtualization?

Hey there folks!

I am running an i7-920 system that is overclocked to 3.44Ghz, with 12GB of RAM. I have lots of memory and processing power to spare and was considering adding additional virtual machines in my VMWare Server to take advantage of the headroom. I have two Ubuntu LAMP VMs running already, one for development and the other for integration testing for my production webserver.

Does anybody have any ideas about what else I could do that would be interesting/fun/unusual? Preferably something legal of course ;-)

Motherboard is P6T Deluxe
OCZ Gold DDR3-1600 RAM
Intel X25-M 80GB system drive
2 300GB Velociraptors in RAID0 for storage / VM system drives
3TB SATA and eSATA storage
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  1. Well, you could try a few other Operating Systems. I'm not sure what else you would use a VM for. But only you know what is fun to you.
  2. Well running a VM essentially creates what appears to be a new pc to both the VM and to the outside world. So another way of asking the question might be - if you could add a pc to your network for free, what would it do?
  3. As I said, try a few other OSes.
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