Hi im trying surround sound on my computer, but my speakers that im using only fit the wrong way round.. right on left and vice versa... I was wandering if there is software that can change which side the speaker plays as?
Thank you kindly
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  1. As speakers are usually the same size pairs, front pair and rear pair matching, each speaker with it's own connection to the speaker. I fail to see where the problem is.
    "my speakers that im using only fit the wrong way round"
    Do you mean that the cable isn't long enough to reach, other then on the wrong side? If that is the case you should be able to extend the cable, how will depend on how it's connected to the speaker, ie; plug in with a small jack or hard wired.
  2. Yeah it wont reach the pc on the correct side... its just odd because my friend was saying on the Mac its a standard option to just reverse the speakers so find it odd Windows and NO ONE else has noticed it would b a good idea... i guess ill just have to buy a few wires :(
  3. Wire them up in a way that they are right!!!, I also fail to see what your problem is!!!

    Description = expanding what is wrong
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