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I use the CUTEHtml 2.3 program for editing my web pages all the time. Lately when I try putting in a tag like <P> after the "P" when you put in a space its supposed to have a box pop up with choices like ALIGN= then CENTER or LEFT or RIGHT etc. The inset Table thing is also missing, grayed out.

Not only that but my keyboard acts funny, like suddenly types all the wrong letters I can open my Paint Shop Pro and it starts typing different letters, then I close it, and open and type again and suddenly its the right letters.

Also I noticed, I kept trying to download this thing called Microsoft .NET frame something or other, I cant remember, but service pack 1... an it wouldnt let me, my computer has service pack 3. But my computer updates thing told me today it tried to download that same Microsoft .NET Frame 1 thing and couldnt.

Recently I sort of accidentally, not realizing what I was doing, did a System Restore, but did a full HP Restore, and had to re-install a whole lot of my programs. Im sure this has something to do with it all.

But it seems like when I get one thing solved there is another.
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  1. Run through the guide in my signature. Some malware may be screwing with your keyboard.

    Go to the Microsoft update page, and you can see the updates that are available. If you did a restore, you probably have lots of updates to install. You can manually install .Net 2.0 here.
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