Antivirus Iolo is not working

Hi, I have Iolo for over 2 years now, but recently it doesn't work properly anymore.
The Firewell and Anti Malware are not working.
The Window Security alert keep saying that the Iolo Shields is on but it is in a format that is no longer supported and I would have to have an update of it but the update of Iolo doesn't work, it display an Error and so does for the virus scan.

What should I do? Is there any other antivirus better than Iolo? :cry:
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  1. Check out Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, or Avira. All are free, and all work very well.
  2. Thank you. I had tried Avasta and McFee, that is not free and it is recommended by banks and they failed me and I don't like free Anti virus.
  3. No AV is 100% effective. For what it's worth, I use Avast, and haven't had a single problem. Microsoft Security Essentials is also very effective.

    I work IT at a bank. We use Trend Micro there.
  4. Right, I unistalled the Iolo, or thought I did so, and installed another antivirus and it help destroy my comp faster.
    My Pc is full of registry problems, that is why it is not unistalling things properly or unistalling at all and not installing either.
    Now, it still boots, the IE is on, Vista is surviving there but the mouse is frozen, dead.
    The Registry is a big mess, things that I had deleted long time ago, came up, like the google toolbar and so on.
    How can I make my mouse to work? :cry:
  5. Boot into safe mode with networking. Download revo uninstaller. If there are any programs listed that you don't want, uninstall them, and it will also give you the option to remove the registry traces. They are often left behind when using the control panel-->add/remove programs.

    Once that's done, download ccleaner, and use the registry tool to fix the remaining issues. You may need to run it several times to fix all the issues.

    Hopefully malware hasn't caused any real damage.
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