Urgent how to get deleted files from pc

(URGENT REQUEST) my files is deleted. please help me.
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  1. I am not a data recovery expert, but personally here is my suggestion.

    Use the PC as little as possble until you have recovered the files. Juts because they have been deleted doesn't mean they can't be recovered, but the more you use the PC the more you risk overwriting the location on the drive where the files were (and still may be) and reduce your chance of being able to recover them.

    There are a number of free file recovery programs out there that I have used successfully in the past to recover data off corrupted flash and usb hard drives. I can't remember the names but they were pretty readily found through google (do this from another computer if you can) and downloaded from a reputable site. Maybe try a search for "file recovery" on download.com and pick and choose from there based on user reviews.

    These programs then scan your drive for what look like deleted files and give you a chance to recover them.

    Good luck
  2. Like posted above, try a recovery software.

    He forgot to mention that you have to install the software on a second computer and conect your "hard drive" to it so them perform the scan.
  3. Try using recuva and easeus. They both are free and work well.
  4. You can recover all your deleted files and data from your computer system with the help of an efficient data recovery software, i will suggest you to use "Kernel for FAT and NTFS" pc file recovery software for the same. It can recover deleted data instantly and preview your lost data in scan of your computer. You can see the lost files in Red color in scanning of your pc and then can save them all at once or some selective files to your location. for more details - File recovery software
    maathu20 said:
    (URGENT REQUEST) my files is deleted. please help me.
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