Agp.....6600gt or 7600gs?

Ok, I have a Leadtek 6600 gt 128 mb in my s754 system. a friend has a Leadtek 7600 gs 256 mb card lying around after upgrading to pci-e. he's offered to give me the 7600 gs as an upgrade for my agp system.

My question is... Is it worth the downgrade to ddr2 from ddr3? Is it worth the swap out/
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  1. Yes, it will be worth it. The 7600 chip is more powerful and games nowadays will use 256MB while 128MB will hold you back.
    You know you could always benchmark them and see what is more powerful.
  2. That will be a significant upgrade.
  3. even though the clock frequencies are lower in the 7600 gs?
  4. Yes. The 7600GS has a newer, and much better architecture on the core for it to be much better.
  5. I see the fps comparison, but my 6600gt overclocks well, how will this 7600 gs compare once overclocked and has my zalman on it?
  6. From what I have read it overclocks nicely and you can always put the zalman on the 76.
  7. difference is like nite and day, well worth it. if you do use the 7600 dont forget to delete the old vid drivers and load the new vid drivers.
  8. I have a 6600GT myself.
    A friend bought a 7600GS (with DDR3, though - Gainward 7600GS Golden Sample), and I got to test it on my system. It was way better.

    As for overclocking:
    - my 6600GT only reaches 550MHz/1100MHz with no artifacts (from 500/900).
    - the 7600GS went over the 7600GT frequncies. The Gainward card comes with higher frequencies (450/550*2) than the plain 7600GS (400/400*2). I overclocked it stable to 610/1500.
  9. The 7600gs overclocks very well. My XFX is running at 515/940(effective). It can go higher, but I wanted to make sure it is completely stable. Mine is a PCI-e, but I would think an agp card would overclock similarly.
  10. Ok, I got the 7600gs installed. but for some reason, I'm only getting

    424 mhz-core
    407 mhz-memory

    I'm using coolbits, is there a better way?
  11. Try AtiTool.
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