LAN not showing in "Nework connections"

I recently reformatted a computer I got from a friend, and re-installed windows XP Home edition. Before I reformatted I had already been online with this computer using my Internet connection, so I know it works, and I know the computer has all of the correct hardware.

I use CoX Cable as my ISP, via an ethernet port. On most computers I just plug the ethernet cable in (sometimes requiring a modem reboot) and I can browse the internet no problem. But Now, It doesn't even recognize my internet. I tried going to network connections, and the Icon for "LAN" does not even show up, and I do not know how to create it. Every guide I've found online inevitably mentions going into network connections and modifying the properties of the "LAN" connection.

Is it a problem with my drivers? I have not manually installed any drivers after the reformat, but I was under the impression Win XP pretty much has nearly all of the core drivers I would ever need.

Can somebody provide anything that will help me in this?

Thank you very much in advance, have a nice day.
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  1. In BIOS, enable LAN.
  2. Sorry, I'm not completely sure how to do that. However, I'm not completely computer illiterate, I did try rebooting the computer and going into the setup by pressing "delete", although I did not see any options about LAN, was I anywhere in the ballpark?
  3. Yeah, your MB manual would have instructions describing the settings of the BIOS. The MB or system online product page would have a download for the manual. The LAN setting in BIOS would be a sub setting in BIOS, not a stand alone option. This is surely the problem if your MB LAN device is not present in Device Manager.
  4. if its a pci ethernet board, try this (worked for me several times) : shut down the pc, open the cover, remove the pci lan card, close the cover, boot and shut down again, put the card back in place, and boot. xp should reconize the card and you will be fine. ^^
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