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I have a customer who has an HP computer with the built in recovery. Well he ran it and it reinstalled windows but it did a format first obviously and it wiped out all his documents, music, etc. He didn't install anything after the recovery, so I assume most of the data should still be there. What would be the best software to run to try and recover the data. I know some of it was probably overwritten with the new Windows install, but at this point I think he'd take 80 or 90% of it. There was over 200GB of stuff there on a 500GB drive and the new windows only takes about 8GB, so the odds that most of it is still there somewhere is good, I just don't know what tool to use. He has vista on his machine.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Find some sort of file recovery program on the internet there are loads out there tbh, ie norton
  2. I figured I would need some sort of recovery software, I was looking for suggestions for something freeware that works good with Vista.
  3. hmmm freeware for vista is a bit crap, pay the extra and get somthing that will recover alot more.
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