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Im currently running windows xp on my 1st partition, runs smooth and great, no problems. So I wanted to try out windows 7, so I installed that on my 2nd partition, tested it, didnt like it and now I want to delete all existing files that relate to that install on the 2nd parition.

Problem is when I run XP, it wont let me simply delete the files on my 2nd partition. Normally you can just simply right click the folders and hit delete, but it keeps telling me access denied. I even tried going into safe mode and deleting the files there and still no go. Also tried doing the command prompt from safe mode command style and still no joy. Not really sure what else to do. Any suggestions?
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  1. Boot off your OS disc and delete the partition that you don't want.
  2. Thats another problem. I dont want to delete/format that partition, thats where I have all my movies, mp3s and games stored on. Pretty confused to why I just cant delete the darn folders, its not like its in use lol.
  3. Then you'll have to use BCedit (or a program that can edit Vista / Win 7 startup options) and remove the menu entry for Windows 7. You could also boot into Windows 7 and set XP to boot by default. As for removing Win 7, nothing short of a format will do that... I don't believe you can take ownership of the files in XP... but you could always try. Once you have ownership of the files in XP, they can be deleted... however do so at your own risk.

    One last option is to do a repair install of XP and overwrite 7's bootloader. You might still have to take ownership of the files to delete them, but this option ensures you can still boot into XP once you do.

    Incidentally... why didn't you like 7? People that complained about Vista are raving about Win 7. As a Vista user, I'm not overly impressed with Win 7... but I do like it and plan to upgrade at some point. If I still had XP though... I'd be very anxious to upgrade.
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