HELP! Trying to fresh install XP!

I've been trying to reinstall a fresh, liscenced copy of XP (sp2), but when I get the windows disc to boot, my keyboard won't work. I've tried to keep in both the usb port and to use the adapter to stick it into the dedicated keyboard slot - no luck with either. Do I have a driver issue? Under admnistrative tools/computer management/keyboards/hid keyboard device/driver/driver details, I have two different driver entries: the highlighted one on top says WINDOWS/system32/DRIVERS/kbdclass.sys and the unhighlighted one below it says WINDOWS/system32/DRIVERS/kbdhid.sys. I seem to remember adding or updating my keyboard driver at some point, but I'm not entirely sure. Can I/should I restore the kbdhid.sys driver, and if so, how do I do that exactly? Do I have some other issue? A USB driver issue perhaps? I have a number of different usb drivers as well...

As a corollary, when booting with a bootable disc (the XP disc and with my BIOS set to boot from disc first), the program asks to hit any key to boot from disc. With my keyboard plugged in normally (to the usb port), I get no response at that stage. Using the adapter, plugged into the dedicated keyboard spot, I CAN get a response, but then get no response (from either usb or dedicated keyboard connecter...) when the XP disc boots up to the blue option screen.

My computer knowledge is adequate but not extensive. I did build my system, but it was my first build.

Any other info required, I'd be happy to provide, and thanks in advance for any assistance on this matter.
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  1. In the device manager, uninstall your keyboard. Then restart the PC.
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