Summer Mega Sale!!

Hi All.

A sad time has come in my life where I need to think about marrying the misses and getting a mortgage. As such with great pain I am having to sell most of my "high end" pc components from my main rig.

As this forum has been a great help over the years i'd thought i'd give any UK residents the chance to offer me some wonga for my stuff. Hopefully this will mean I wont have to use the extortion racket known as ebay.

IMPORTANT!! If you do like any of the goods please do not spam the thread please email me with an offer at

My main system consists of the following.

ANTEC P180: In decent condition tho I no longer know where most of the cages are etc. Though the main one is their.

Core 2 Duo 6600 (about 6 months old): Clocks to over 3600ghz and above.

XFX8800gtx this was only 6 weeks ago warranty replaced so its almost new
so appropriate offers pls.(Still have box)

Swiftech Apex Ultra WC Kit:Includes NB Block, Apogee CPU block, MCW60 GPU block plus 8800gtx bracket. (About 5 months old)

2gb DDR800 G SKILL
1gb DDR800 GEIL

ASUS Commando mainboard. Less than 6 months old and still expensive. I also here rumours that this has the correct voltage specs for penryn support but dont quote me on that.(still have box somewhere)

Samsung 16x dvd rw etc etc.

3 hard drives. 1 western digital 80gb sata, 2 pata matrox and samsung 160 and 80gb respectivily. (I could be wrong about the manufacturers)

Also Vista Ultimate 64bit OEM, note this is tied to the mainboard so if you want this seperately you buy it at the risk of MS not allowing you to reactivate it. Though they seem not to be so strict.

I would prefer to sell as a whole but I guess most peeps are gonna be interested in the mobo, gpu, wckit and cpu. But will see what happens!!

All in all this cost me over £1500.00.
Today it would be about £1200.00 to source it all new so reasonable offers!!

PS I also have a xerox lcd 1400x900 glass fronted. Quite a nice monitor and a Viewsonic P90f CRT, again a good quality monitor.

Note I live in Hampshire in case people would prefer to pick up and view. Otherwise it will be posted/couriered.

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  1. Quote:
    Hi All.

    A sad time has come in my life where I need to think about marrying the misses and getting a mortgage. As such with great pain I am having to sell most of my "high end" pc components from my main rig.

    i'm assuming your kidding about the sad part.

    but you are not relying on parts from a PC rig to finance a house correct?
  2. Didnt you know you can buy a house in the UK for £2000.00 now:P

    Of course not I'm selling a lot of things, so I can place a lardger deposit!
  3. how much for the gtx
  4. Sale:

    Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800

    DFI Inifinty 975X/G
    DFI LANParty UT NF680i LT T2R

    Kingston HyperX 2GB PC2-9200
    Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB PC2-8500

    EVGA GeForce 8800GTX
    EVGA GeForce 8800GTX

    Western Digital Raptor X
    Western Digital Raptor X
    Western Digital Raptor X

    PC Power & Cooling 750W Quad

    Zalman 9500 LED
    CoolerMaster Gemini II

    1/2" ID Barbs
  5. Quote:
    how much for the gtx


    Comes in box, slightly used, lifetime warranty.
  6. Trade it for some 10k SCSI Drives? I got lots.
  7. So do I, and no.
  8. I know you do. But mine are better.
  9. I need money, not hard drives.

    No money, no hardware. Of course, I may be interested in a processor...
  10. I sell my processing services for $18 an hour. What do you need done?
  11. why do people think when you decide to get married you have to sell your toys?
    are you serious?
    just keep it.
    if shes all about the money then..........

    Anyway congrads on getting ready to sign a life contract, lol im a 20 yr vet I can say things like that, but I saved the wedding money for a trip, some toys and in time a house.

    Rather than spend 10k$ on a wedding, why not spend half that and keep your stuff?

    I was married in 88", total cost, under $500.00
    19 years later still married, 3 grown kids, house nearly paid for, just built a 3k$ gamer, 4rth one in 8 years, I slowed it down after buying a harley, but still life is short, play hard.

    Good luck with everything, Hope you find a good house to start in.

    Just sad to here another " I am getting married so everything I like has to go".

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