"Setup is Starting Windows" then BSOD!!!

This is driving me crazy. I just built my new system and immediately upon trying to load windows xp pro x64 onto my brand new HD, I get a BSOD after it says "Setup is starting windows". Tried each stick individually and still got BSOD. I have even tried the "F5" trick to enable multi processors, still the same result.

My specs:

920 i7
gigabyte ud4p
OCZ Platinum 1600 PC 12800 3 x 2gb
Corsair 620W
evga gtx 275 ftw
caviar black 640gb

Does anyone know what is causing this? Please help!


I plugged in my old HDD that had windows on it and it booted up perfectly. Does that mean the new caviar black i bought is cooked?
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  1. Did you enable AHCI or RAID on the SATA controller? If so, did you press F6 at installation time to load the AHCI or RAID drivers from a diskette or did you slipstream the drivers?
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