Windows - Delayed Write Failed

I get this message.

Windows - Delayed Write Failed

I typed that into google and found a program that is suppose to fix this issues.

It's at this link:

The last step says:

Set the maximum working cache to either 64 MB or 128 MB

I keep getting this message:

"New settings were out of valid ranges"
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  1. What values did you type? Did you read the whole thread? Are you sure that your hardware is fine (no overheating and no cheap I/O cables)?
  2. I tried both(64, 128) and the message appears.

    In the steps it says MB and in the program it says KB.

    Read what thread?

    How can I determine if there is overheating or cheap I/O cables?
  3. It doesn't matter if it says MB or KB; IT people know the difference. As seen from the picture, you need to key the values in KB, e.g., 64 MB is 65536 KB (64 x 1024 = 65536).

    According to a few posts at the link that you provided, disk temperatures and cheap cables can also be the cause of that issue with internal or external disks.
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