How to open an write protected cd

i hav a small cd which is published by an organisation and given to me i didnt use it for 10months i cant open the cd which opened wen i used for the first 4 times please help me how 2 open and read data...
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  1. Perhaps you should contact the organization that publish the CD?
  2. try in different computer first, if still no success, obtain a new copy.
  3. it didnot work
  4. If it did not work in another PC, the CD is probably bad, did you check if for scratches, scuffs, etc...?

    Not much you can do to repair a CD except clean it with a soft cloth, moving out from the center. The so-called CD repair kits don't do much and will probably damage your disk even more.

    Contact whoever you got the disk from for a new copy, that will probably be your only slution.
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