Macbook Pro Takes Three Shots

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  1. Any story behind it?
  2. 56k users beware!!!!
  3. meewog said:
    Any story behind it?

    Story is at the 'Source' link above.

    Man, I would be PISSED if someone decided to cap my laptop.
    At least she was lucky enoug to save the hard drive.
    And the GF wonders why I would not visit the middle east....
  4. Maybe the officers were pissed off guessing what the password is. Or someone there is a real mac hater...
  5. :(
    Please, a moment of silence....
  6. Haven't you heard of hyperlinked thumbnails?
  7. wildwell said:
    Please, a moment of silence....

    Haha wildwell, don't worry, I also don't like seeing beautiful aesthetics ruined by bullets :P
    Anonymous said:
    Haven't you heard of hyperlinked thumbnails?

    Sorry 'bout that, fixed.
  8. Hmm, might void the warranty :/
  9. Did you purchase AppleCare? ;)
  10. Well, it might cover it.

    It wasn't accidental that is for sure.
  11. wildwell said:
    Did you purchase AppleCare? ;)

    Doesn't this fall under force majeure or something? I know Apple voided someone's AppleCare over smoking, so I guess the warranty plan won't cover bullet holes as well?
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