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Attention concerned citizens of this otherwise closed down News and Leisure Forum. The important breaking World News item of the day has been posted.

According to state police at Carlisle, Nicholas A. Sworen, 27, bit a 32-year-old Boiling Springs man's genitals after a struggle.

The man told police Sworen hit him on the head with a beer bottle at a home on the 100 block of Red Tank Road in South Middleton Township at 1:34 a.m.
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  1. What a cheek, some people pay good money for that sort of thing.
  2. I just did a tidy up - any thread you want kept open just post below and I'll sort it for you.
  3. broad range of topics promotes growth.

    it seems i was told to stop talking because other people refused to follow the rules.

    i am bipolar.. but there isnt enough in my life to ease the pain.
    the government pays very little for reimbursement.
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